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How does the booking proces work?

As a company, we believe in transparency and clarity as our core values in doing our business daily. We understand that trust is the most important aspect in every day life so we decided to show you exactly how we work in our daily routine.

Step 1: How to make a reservation? After finding your perfect apartment, you can fill out the Booking Inquiry form in the right sidebar.

Step 2: Summary/Thank you Page - After completing the form, the sites takes you to a summary/thank you page to review your inquiry.

Step 3: Login Details - After the initial validation of your inquiry we will send out a unique email with logins to enter the site within the SSL secured environment to see it's live availability & Price Conditions.

Step 4: Booking Details / After logging in you'll be redirected directly to your property of which you can find your details filled in the left sidebar with all the payment conditions to reserve the apartment.

Step 5: Payment Processing - Here you can choose your preferred payment method.

Step 6: Payment Complete

Step 7: Booking Confirmation - You'll receive an email with the paid invoice and the Details to the Apartment with a Google Maps Routeplanner. Furthermore we will be assisting you in anyway possible and will hand out our Whatsapp Customer Service Number for 24/7 Local Support.


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